Silgate digital-faq
What is SEO Website Design ?

In order to be more “searchable”, your website design should be SEO friendly. This means that the content should have relevant keywords, and the website structure, design and coding should be such that it can be scanned and read easily by search engine spiders. The faster spiders can read your website, the faster it will be able to identify keywords and the higher will it rank your page in search results. The process by which you design a website that is SEO friendly is called SEO website design.

What do web development companies do?

Web development companies develop websites, but also develop a variety of programs and codes that are used by various online applications. Even software that are available and can be used online (like calculating taxes or forex conversions) are created by web developers. However, they are most well known for creating websites- especially creating the codes and algorithm languages that makes the website design elements come to life. With their program making the website live, users can interact with the website.

How to develop websites faster?

If you are a veteran web developer, you should start with a “starter site” by designing a basic framework on WordPress. Incorporate codes, plugins, themes etc that you use repeatedly. Go for popularly used templates- this helps you cut down hours while designing a website. You can create a new WordPress site on the domain, and export your old site there. You can edit it and speed up the development process.

What is web development process?
Website development process usually involves 6 stages:

  • Information gathering- Getting all the necessary information to show on the website. This is also about getting the feel of the website and brand right.
  • Planning –This is about developing the site map, and creating a website layout. Developers decide what technologies are needed to bring the website to life.
  • Design- The designers give a layout of how the front end of the site should look like.
  • Development-Developers use coding to bring the design elements to life. The backend is also developed for easy management.
  • Testing and delivery- The website is tested for viewing across multiple devices, platforms, window sizes and orientation. Minute adjustments are made so that the user-experience is not compromised no matter what device he uses.
  • Maintenance-The website has to be updated regularly. This involves troubleshooting, preventing scam and monitoring activity as a whole.

How much should web design cost?

There is no definite answer to how much should web designing cost. What should matter is the quality of the work. There are many webs designers who might offer cheap rates but deliver substandard work. Similarly, there can be web designers whose charge may seem excessive but who deliver a website that is good to look at, conveys the brand feel perfectly and encourages the viewer to explore more.

Tell us more about your website design and development team?

We have a dynamic team of experts who have a keen eye for design, and a sense for making websites that are marketable. Our designers and developers have years of experience in subjects like website architecture in HTML, logo configuration, website design and improvement, web search tool advertising and email promoting. We are available for our clients all the time, and we are happy to give a shape to your visions.

So, if you want to get a fast website that looks great, and makes your visitors come back, we are here for you. We form long-term associations with our clients, and watch out for any updates and changes that they need to optimize their website after its launch. Our processes are tried and tested, and we guarantee you that your website will boost your business profile. Our expertise and knowledge of digital marketing traits and trends help us serve you better.